Our History

1981 - 2019

In the Beginning...

Our Companies history dates back to 1981 when John Stewart joined the Motor Industry as a Sales Person for City North Fiat. John represented various brands and went through the ranks to become a Branch Manager for AMH. John Also had his own passion for fixing vehicles and was the proud owner of A Motor Body repair shop as well as a Mechanical Workshop. John has a great passion for Classic and Vintage Cars. John also has a GREAT PASSION for Marketing as it is a Mind Strategy Game. In 1999 John founded the Centurion Exhibitors Forum and this dates back to the humble beginnings of our Company. saw and identified a Gap in the Market and  as mote Shows and Exhibitions. The initial focus was on unity between like-minded individuals, and this remained our focus point.

1999 John Stewart founded The Centurion Exhibitors Forum and started promoting Shows and Exhibitions. This intrigued his mind set and he soon competed with the best in the Industry. John has the skill to analyse and to stay in touch with market trends, and this was the benchmark for Success. He always incorporated new ideas and strategies in his business approach. John was serving on the Management Committee of the Centurion Business Chamber. 

2003 John Stewart founded and established the National Business Forum as an open platform based on the Old School Chambers of Commerce. Through all the years John focused on implementing new ideas and strategies to Deliver Service Excellence. Since its humble beginnings in 2003, the NBF grew from strength to strength and has in excess of 100 000 Members, friends and Business Associates.

1999 - 2013 John promoted the Centurion Community Show with Great Success from 1999 to 2005 when the venue could no longer host Exhibitions of this Great Magnitude. John also promoted The Centurion Cultural festival, A Millennium Festival at St Michaels on the South Coast, an Airshow in Collaboration with the South African Air Force Museum at Zwartkops, The SA Pyro Technical Championships in Boksburg and A Motor Show at Kyalami in Midrand. John was also the Publisher of various Newspapers and Magazines and Published the McCarthy Trader and the Imperial Trader, being Car Sales Related Publications. John had the honor to knew giants with the likes of Mr Brand Pretorius from McCarthy Motor Holdings and Mr Bill Lynch from Imperial Motor Holdings. All these projects were launched in Association with The National Business Forum.


2018 John Stewart founded and Established MF Rotary Network as the Ultimate Network and Marketing Platform. MF Rotary Network is in actual fact a conversion of the National Business Forum into an Enlightened Organization. MF Rotary Network is a Private Company and is not associated with The Rotary Club or Rotary International. The name of the Company had its origin in versatility with the Option to rotate Networking Function Venues between the Members Premises.

John did serious research on Marketing, Network and Sales and has a Qualification from UCT (the University of Cape Town). John discovered the Science behind Marketing and Network and apply his theories in his Business Operations. He believes to Target his Market Audience up front and to be Market Specific. This led to the establishment of various Industry Specific Associations.